2018-02-14 11:23:57

It’s amazing by adding pops of color with pillows and adding the right scale of lamps this master bedroom has turned into a retreat#lagunaniguel#loveourclients#gettingtopdollar

2018-02-13 09:14:02

It’s amazing when you add accessories to a owner occupied! Before staging on the left and after on the right..
Wow these rooms look amazing#kginteriordesign#staging#lagunaniguel#happyclients

2018-01-24 21:53:58

Before we staged this home for sale, the rooms had no warmth and were not inviting. The square footage of this master bedroom could sell the home itself! By space planning and placing the proper furniture, we made the space warm and attracting to buyers.

2017-11-30 22:32:10

This space was super small so it was critical all items we placed were the right scale and position.

2017-11-14 20:50:49

With this kitchen we did a minor facelift but it still looks like a complete remodel. New quartz counter tops, beautiful backsplash, and new pulls and knobs throughout.

2017-07-25 21:24:14

Before and afters of this gorgeous bathroom! When a bathroom is highly upgraded, you often only need minimal accessories to make the finishes pop!

2017-06-13 06:34:59

This beautiful warm blue is my pick of the year! We pulled colors out of the artwork for this space to pull everything together 🖼

2017-05-10 13:09:08

Adding texture with the bar stools and accessories really make this upgraded kitchen even more stunning 😍

2017-01-13 04:22:36

Adding furniture to a vacant home makes the space feel warm and inviting. Only 8% of buyers can envision themselves in the space, so that’s 92% who can’t 😳 It’s in the seller’s best interest to stage so they can sell quickly! You don’t want buyers to see the flaws and use it to their advantage when negotiating price. Staging is worth the investment

2016-06-30 19:27:12

By placing personal products in bins under the sink and removing clutter, this opens up the space and makes the cabinets look updated and clean allowing the buyer to see what they are actually purchasing

2016-05-25 20:32:03

For this kitchen upgrade we replaced the older appliances, added bling to the draws and cabinets, added a textured backsplash and repainted the home to pull all the elements together. It’s amazing how updated the kitchen looks now! This kind of upgrade adds more value to the home, if you’re thinking of selling

2016-05-06 04:19:24

A change of paint color and lighter furniture made all the difference in this home which sold in less than a week! Lighter furniture makes the space feel larger while the darker from before only enclosed the room