2018-05-17 20:43:09

We’re loving this bathroom we designed. An affordable remodel with a high end look!

2018-05-17 12:18:20

Tip of the day! When designing a kitchen or bathroom it’s always a good thing to either use blue tape or pencils to map out the foot print of the space.. By doing this it really helps visualize how the kitchen will look and if any of the design needs to be modified..
This could save you lots of money and time when creating that perfect space#kitchendesign#kitchenremodel#kginteriordesign#lovemyjob

2018-05-16 18:06:21

Love adding natural elements to the shower pan.. it brings the outdoors in and adds a nice amount of texture to the space#bathroom design#guestbathroom#naturalelements#kginteriordesign#fundayatworktoday

2018-05-14 15:04:13

We’re loving this beautiful office we had a chance to stage. By adding some accessories with clean lines and incorporating the blue palette, the office was made to feel warm and inviting.

2018-05-13 20:05:58

Happy Mother’s Day!! 10 years ago this year I travel half way around the world to bring this amazing little girl home! Best part of my life is being a mom#lovemydaughter❤️

2018-05-11 15:33:23

Couldn’t have done it without this amazing team! 3 De-Stages and 2 in stalls all done by 3:00#kginteriordesign#highendstaging#staging#ourhomesgettopdollarandsellquickly

2018-05-09 17:13:53

A fresh look using our new favorite color palette! These grey and blue colors were used in the art, cabinetry and accessories.

2018-05-09 13:07:59

Busy day designing for a few clients#remodels#kitchendesign#bathroomdesign#kginspires

2018-05-07 18:28:38

Getting ready for 2 installs tomorrow! Stay tune to the after with these beauties#highendstaging#ocstaging#kginteriordesign

2018-05-02 18:57:05

When we stage beautifully upgraded homes, I love placing items in the apothecary jars to add interest (driftwood, natural sponges, bath salts).

2018-04-27 08:55:34

Early morning visit to the lumber yard! Selected some amazing options for a floating shelf for a client.. we wanted to bring the outdoor doors in by using natural elements#naturalelements#kginspires#huntingtonbeachresident#lovedesign

2018-04-25 15:18:37

Tuesday funday at the slab yard!! Super excited the the materials we selected#design#kitchenremodel#kitchendesign

2018-04-24 17:55:58

It’s time to spruce up your backyard! A woven table adds texture and warmth while the succulent keeps the space clean with a pop of color.

2018-04-18 10:16:23

By adding a bench to this large, open space bathroom we added color and filled the space. Remember that only 8% of buyers can see an empty space for what it could be. The other 92% can’t and will walk away if they can’t figure out the space. If you want top dollar and multiple offers, help the 92% with the layout so they can make an emotional connection.